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  • Karting Checklists

    Here are some links to karting checklists we use frequently. Look through these and adjust it to fit what you need to make it the best kart racing checklist for you. Regular Kart Maintenance Checklist Upcoming Karting Event General Kart Safety Checklist Upcoming Kart Race Nuts and Bolts checklist Race Day Checklist Birel Pre-Session Checklist…

  • Where can I buy a racing kart

    For most people, buying a toy to engage in a new hobby requires just having the available funds. If you want a car, you go to a car dealership. Your next door neighbor might even have a car for sale along the side of the street with a price boldly scribbled in chalk on the…

  • Karting Tips: Reduce “hopping”

    At times, karts have an excessive grip. In this case, you have to reduce the grip, especially in the middle and when coming out of bends, otherwise there will be an annoying “hopping” of the kart. The following are main interventions that can be carried out: Reduce caster. Try a softer axle. Try shorter hubs.…

  • Race Karts: Everything to know about racing karts

  • How To Start Kart Racing: A Step by Step Guide to Karting

    A complete step by step guide to getting started in go kart racing. This is the most pivotal question anyone interested in karting will pose. The search should end here with this post and the resources contained on this page.

  • Intro To Karting: Go Kart Basics

    A basic introduction to the world of karting. This post will cover the broad subject of karting. From indoor karting to shifter karts and everything in between. The goal with this post is to give a newbie to the world of karting a broad understanding of this intense and fun form or motorsport.