About Us

We are just two guys who happen to be dads and have a shared passion for karting and all things motorsports. We’re not here to talk about our kids’ karting careers or chase championships; we’re simply here to have fun and share our love for the sport with anyone who’s interested. 
Our podcast is all about karting – the thrill of the race, the satisfaction of mastering a new technique, and the camaraderie of fellow karting enthusiasts. We’ll cover a wide range of topics, from beginner tips and tricks to in-depth discussions of advanced karting techniques. We’ll also interview other karting enthusiasts, both experts and novices, to get their insights and perspectives on the sport.
Whether you’re a seasoned karting veteran or just starting out, our podcast has something for everyone. We’re committed to providing you with informative and entertaining content that will help you get the most out of your karting experience.
Thank you for following along and stay tuned for a new Podcast every week.

Meet Your Hosts

Andrew Maldonado is a jovial go-kart racer who brings infectious enthusiasm and a contagious smile to the track. He’s a natural competitor, always eager to test his skills and challenge his opponents, but he also loves the camaraderie and sportsmanship that make karting such a special sport.
Andrew is known for his fearless driving style, his ability to maintain his composure under pressure, and his infectious zest for life. He’s always up for a good race, and he never fails to bring a positive energy to the karting scene.


Andrew Maldonado

Emmanuel Baako, a passionate and experienced kart racer, with a helmet in hand and a determined look on his face
Emmanuel Baako is a seasoned go-kart racer with a passion for the sport that burns like the tires on his kart. He’s been racing since he was a kid, and his love for the adrenaline rush and competitive spirit of karting has only grown stronger over the years. Emmanuel is known for his strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and unwavering determination on the track. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and he’s always ready to push the limits and take the checkered flag.


Emmanuel Baako

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